One-on-one coaching

Why would you need a weight loss coach? If you’re overwhelmed and under-motivated, Pam Andersen’s one-on-one coaching can guide you through the rough spots and help you stay motivated to succeed. Call Pam if:

  • You have tried lots of eating plans and none of them worked.
  • You eat for other reasons other than nourishment.
  • You have struggled with food, weight and body image for most of your life.

If you don’t like group meetings and weigh-ins, or would like more personalized attention, Pam’s one-on-one coaching sessions could be your weight loss solution. Pam will lead and encourage you and provide direction, support and accountability. She also will help you:

  • Focus on weight loss as a journey, not a quick fix.
  • Prevent future health problems.
  • Stay positive in a non-judgmental atmosphere.
  • Change your self-talk.
  • Develop better eating habits.
  • Look at the emotional issues behind overeating, and find out: “What’s eating YOU?”
  • Evaluate your progress and keep you moving forward.

Start one-on-one coaching

Pam requests that her one-on-one coaching clients commit to a 12-week program to start. Call Pam at 402-895-1493 or e-mail her to get started. References are available on request.

The next 12 weeks will pass whether you do anything differently or not. But you can change! After 12 weeks, you will see a definite improvement, feel good, gain some control and move forward with your weight loss.

What is keeping you from moving forward?

Call or e-mail us today!