Journey on the Job

Between work, day care, kids’ activities and family time, your lunch hour may be the only time you have during the week to get some assistance with managing your weight.

Journey: A Better Weigh offers its Journey on the Job program to employers across the Omaha metro area. Pam Andersen will travel to your office to conduct the program. After members are weighed in, she’ll lead the meeting and coach you and your co-workers how to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Pam will provide all materials and handouts. All information and records will be confidential. Weigh-ins will be conducted privately.

To conduct meetings, we’ll need to have access to a meeting room large enough to seat all participants comfortably. We’ll also need a screen or separate area for weigh-ins. We will work with management, human resources or other personnel as needed to ensure meetings start and end on time, and we won’t disrupt the work place.

For more information, call Pam Andersen at 402-895-1493.