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MyPlateJourney: A Better Weigh offers a simple weight loss plan based on federal guidelines for healthy eating illustrated on MyPlate, along with guidelines for portion control. All food can be purchased in a grocery store. There are no supplements to take or products to buy.

Members receive a simple, easy-to-follow tracking sheet each week so they can record their food choices, workouts and weight loss.

Weekly meetings start with weigh-ins and personal consultation, followed by a half-hour meeting  to share ideas and information on foods, behavior, challenges, successes and living the journey.

If desired, members also can have photos and measurements taken when they start their weight loss journey, and at milestones along the way.

Journey: A Better Weigh also offers:

  • Private, one-on-one support sessions.
  • On-site sessions for small groups (such as offices), which include weigh-ins, materials and support.

Pam AndersenAbout Pam

Pam Andersen was a coach and mentor for an internationally known weight loss organization for 33 years. This gives her a unique perspective and extensive knowledge of healthy foods, behavior modification, support and a positive attitude.

“My philosophy is that weight loss is a journey,” Pam says. “I believe that it’s not about eating right, but learning to eat better.”

Pam started Journey: A Better Weigh in January 2012 to show you a better way to eat, to lose weight, to keep the weight off, and to live a healthier, happier life.

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