Thanksgiving meals!

Journey a Better Weigh: Paper Thanksgiving

Hi Journey members and friends,

Happy Thanksgiving.

Journey a Better Weigh: Paper ThanksgivingThis last week’s meeting was fun but also informational. It was a great visual meeting on what we will be putting on our plates for Thanksgiving.

I choose  to construct a whole Thanksgiving dinner using shredded colored construction paper. What fun! I served them in pretty bowls. I also set the table with placemats and paper plates. When the members arrived I had a colorful table of construction paper food. I even had purple construction paper for the wine served in a pitcher. Each food had a 1/2 cup measure so that they could see how much they were taking.

We started with the turkey, potatoes, dressing and gravy: the staples of Thanksgiving. We then added corn, squash, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberries, pink fluff salad, dinner roll, butter, wine and last but not least, the pie. There were three types of pie: pumpkin, fruit, and pecan.

We had a great discussion on what foods we really wanted and what foods we could leave off our plates. After looking at the portions some members decided they didn’t need to take as much.

Journey a Better Weigh Paper ThanksgivingOne thing I always remind members that it is the first three bites that are the best. We talked that you should start at the top of your plate and take one bite of each food. When you reach the top of the plate you sit your fork down and ask yourself what was the very best and what one thing didn’t quite meet your eat the very best. Take a little time then pick up your fork again and take one bite around again, sit the fork down and ask yourself how your satisfaction level is. You still might not feel that full feeling but remember your dessert is part of the meal not a snack two hours later. You want to be satisfied after the pie, not before it.

Now pick up your fork and start that third time around. Ask the question. Am I satisfied? If so, stop. If not, eat one more time around the plate. There is no contest for a clean plate. Leave some food just because you can. It’s empowering!

Thanksgiving is one day. Being thankful happens everyday.

Let’s stuff ourselves with a positive attitude.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of my construction paper Thanksgiving.


Following the journey,

Pam Andersen



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