Reset Button!

Hi Journey members and friends,

Two weeks ago I did a topic on our reset button. One of the members brought in the Staples easy button. She said that she really thought about not coming that day but decided to bring me the easy button so she could start fresh that day. Guess what it worked. She hit the button and took a deep breath and walked out with a new attitude.

Why did the easy button work? I think it worked because she could see and feel it. By bringing it in she made herself accountable. She also told someone. By physically hitting the easy button we can refocus.

Who would like to hit the easy button today or any day? What are some reasons we would hit the easy button? It could be a simple as a challenging meal to a bad day, week, month or even year. It could be we become lazy. It could be the weather, this year has been a challenges that for sure. Maybe someone hurt your feeling. Maybe we have accumulated a lot of negative “unwanted files.”

So what do we do?If it were your computer having unwanted files we would turn it off, Right? So we don’t have a switch but we can start by checking our negative self-talk.  What might be some of your negative self-talk? You messed up? You failed? I CAN”T do this? Stop turn the negative switch off. NOW!!!

What is  your perception of weight loss? Maybe we are making it harder than it needs to be. We may think weight loss should be over with and that it should be easy? Weight loss is a journey. So we may need to adjust our perception.

How quickly do old habit and beliefs fill your head? New habits take time and we need to be aware of them. Start by making a list of your new habits and beliefs. When an old habit or beliefs creeps in use your easy button and check your new habit list.

We have all probably said at one time or another that we are stuck? So to get unstuck we need to look at the tools that could help you. Maybe you need to check your food journal, food scale, measuring cups and spoon. You might need to ask for help from family  and friends. We can’t push a car out of the mud when it’s stuck without help so we also need help. Getting help is our easy button.

Being overwhelmed happens to all of us. I think this one really needs a easy button. Stop and check out what’s taking over your life. Make a priority list of what you what your life to look like. Say no to things that don’t fit that list.

Attitude adjustment is about us. We are the only ones who can change us. We have to decide if we want this negative attitude to continue. We are the only ones who can turn off the switch. So turn off the switch and re-boot your attitude. We are worth it.

We hold the key to the easy button. It’s not up to other to turn the switch. Take control! Be empowered! You “Can” do this!

A quote from Confucious says: “It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.”

Remember you can use your easy button anytime you need it. Don’t wait!


Following the journey,

Pam Andersen