Your body is your car !!!

Hi Journey members and friends,

We had a lot of fun at our Tuesday and Wednesday morning meetings. We talked about what type of car we might be today. Several mentioned that they were old, tired, and well used bodies.

I really like cars. If I could I would have a new one every two years. I know that isn’t the best investment but just a wish. I like my vehicle to run well. I like a full tank of gas and don’t like it to be under a quarter of a tank. The oil gets changed on a regular basis. I like to drive a clean car both inside and out. I listen for squeaks and rattles and try to get them fixed before they become major problems. I like that my car goes place because I like to drive.

So let’s translate that into our body. You have to first like yourself. I can’t trade myself in every two  year for a newer make because this is the body God gave me but I can make improvements to make it last longer.

What do we need to make our body have that peak performance we need? Let’s start with the right fuel. Our fuel is food. We need it just like our cars do. However, we want the best fuel (food). Our bodies need water, carbs, fats, and protein to operate fully. Putting in too many processed foods might slow down your performance. I tell members when it comes to foods we want to eat only the very best. Don’t settle for foods that don’t give you the performance you need. Foods that might slow down your performance are sugars, alcohols, high carbs, foods high in fat, and salty foods. We might be able to fuel our bodies for a short time on these foods but we won’t be consistent with our overall performance.

Fuel is important so we need to be aware of low fuel. Do you have a low fuel light on your car? Why? What is our bodies low food signs? Those signs might be your stomach growling, headache, light headedness, and grouchy. When we experience these signs we need to think good fuel (food). Think protein, fruits, vegetables, milks, fats, and a small amount of carbs. We might think about putting in some cheap fuel to get us by but it could cause some major problems.

Water! Water is important for the inside of our car and the outside. Would you fill your car with  flavored beverages?  Would you wash your car with a flavored beverages? I hope you said No! So why do we fill our bodies with all those flavored beverages? Do you wash yourself with flavored beverages? If you wouldn’t wash with a flavored beverage why do you fill yourself up with them? It’s a questions I like to ask. Think water!

I like to drive so if I have the right foods and fluids am I ready to go? To get that peak performance I need to check my tread and rotate the tires. I need to make sure my exercise shoes have good tread. Driving on bald tires might get me to my destination but my performance may be affected. Same goes for my shoes. So look at your shoes.

If one tire is flat do we flatten the other three? No. So if you have a bad day, meal or week don’t flatten your nutritional program and exercise because of it. Just put some air back in the flat one. I may have slowed you down but it didn’t keep you from getting where you wanted to go.

Oh how we dislike a fat tire. It’s a pain and doesn’t make us happy. Our flat tire is a bad attitude! We can’t go anywhere until we change it.

I like a clean car. One of our members said she thinks her car performs better when its cleaned and I would agree. I also feel like I perform better when I am cleaned up. When I eat healthy I also feel clean on the inside. I get a better performance from my body and mind.

I keep my car in a garage for protection. I park with enough space I won’t get hit. I lock my car. If I will do this for a car shouldn’t I do this for me? How do we protect ourselves. Start by getting the right fuel (food) into our house. Don’t wait to long to eat. Drink plenty of water. Don’t be afraid to say No Thank You! Keep foods that you know are red light out of the house. Get support from family and friends. Limit your time with family and friends that will push you into eating. You may not be able to lock them out but you can keep some distance between them and you. We need to be aware of our surroundings and protect ourselves.

We need to be consistent with maintenance on our cars. They need gas, oil, coolants, and water. So we need to be consistent with our bodies. Give your body the foods it needs and you will run smooth for years to come.

My body make isn’t new but if I keep my model in peak performance I can keep running for a long time.

We can always buy a new car, but we only get one body!

Following the journey,

Pam Andersen