Yellow Tape Caution!

Hi Journey a Better Weigh members and friends,

I have missed a couple of weeks. Sorry! I would say this is my caution sign. I need to take the time to post more.

Last week we took on the topic of Yellow Caution. When I see yellow tape I think warning, be alert and watch for hazardous situation.

One member wonder if we were in a crime area. So having some fun I said yes. The crime is not watching the warning signals of weight and behavioral changes.

What would be your warning signal? Do you tell yourself you will start tomorrow? Do you skip meals only to make up for it later? Have you lost track of what you are eating? What excuse have you given for not exercising? That good old excuse of Time!? I want weight loss Now? Using the word I Can’t?

What foods might give you a warning? Cookies, cakes, alcohol, candy, potato chips, underestimating the good foods.

What situation might have warning signals? Boredom, stress, work, family.

What places might have warning signals? Restaurants, refrigerator, candy isle, freezer, pantry, work, sporting events.

Last week I gave each member some caution tape to take home with them so they would remind themselves to be aware  and watch the warning signals. That yellow caution tape might have been placed on the pantry, refrigerator, candy jar, living room table, at work or in the car. Think about where you would place your yellow caution tape. You could really have fun with this but also make you aware. Think of it as a learning tool.

The caution sign is a warning not a Stop sign. By asking yourself if this situation or food is a yellow caution we can learn to stop before it becomes a accident.

My question to you is. How could the yellow caution tape help you become more aware of your eating and behavior? Use the yellow caution as your sign.

This is a journey and we will all experience yellow caution signs in our journey. Let’s become more aware of these signs and learn from them. Yellow can turn to Green.

This weeks topic is ” Your body is your Car”

A yellow sign is telling yourself you can do this by yourself. I would like to encourage you to come experience a meeting and having an accountability partner to help you. You are Welcome any time. Change your yellow to green!


Following the Journey,

Pam Andersen

Weight loss and support coach