Hi Journey a better weigh members and friends,

Losing weight does take some navigation. So GPS is the global positioning system that a lot of people rely on when they want directions to a destination. So what does the GPS give them? Location, point to point navigation, “Route”, Tracking. The questions asked are: Where am I?  Where am I going?  What’s the best-way to get there?and When will I get there? Would those be important question to ask ourselves when we start a weight loss journey?

We sometime rely to heavily on what the GPS says. So can the GPS get it wrong? Why? Let’s see who is entering in the info? So there could be some operator error, right? The GPS needs a strong signal. You need to practice using the GPS and you still need other tools to sometime help you navigate, like a compass or a map. So the GPS isn’t fool proof. However, it can still help guide you if used properly.

Starting a weight loss program we need to know where we are and that means we need to know what we weight. That is the start point without that we won’t be able to get to our next point. The next point for most of us is thinking about what we want our final weight number to be. We forget about the different points in between. The GPS tells us go to this point then turn and go to the next point and turn. The GPS takes us from point to point to the destination not point to destination. When it comes to weight loss we would like the point to destination  because we want it fast. We don’t want to see the “Route” we just want to get there! How many of us have taken that “Route”? And now we are taking that “Route” again! That means we didn’t get enough feedback from where we came from.

What is the best way to see weight loss? Start with a good balanced food plan, portion control, practice, behavioral changes, guidance. Watch the signs for your hunger signal and water signals. Think of a food journal, food scale and weight scale as your maps to weight loss. Watch for signals like lack of motivation, blocked progress. If you feel like your lost and the route is longer than you would like ask for help. Watch your body signals because that is your GPS put it to work.

How do we put our GPS to work? Start! Get the best signals and put them all to use. It’s not the destination but the journey you take to that destination that really matters. Don’t ask how long will it take but what will I learn along the way!

My GPS isn’t perfect. But over the years I feel like I know the signals that will help and the signals that make me take the longer route. You could say I ungraded my GPS. So let’s all upgrade our GPS to improve our journey thru weight loss.


Following the journey,

Pam Andersen

Weight loss and support Coach