Menu Planning

Hi Journey members and friends,

Last Wed. at our meeting we talked about menu planning. We talked about why it was important and how to keep it easy and basic.

So why don’t we menu plan? Is it time? Laziness? Overwhelmed? Bored? Eating habits? Lack of creativity?  So how much time would it take? How could you make it not so overwhelming? How could it help your eating habits? Does creativity mean it would take too much time?

Why would menu planning be important? Could it reduce your stress because it is already planned? Would your shopping trips be more productive and save you money? Could it give a guideline of what foods we already have and what we need to add. Giving us variety and creativity? Sounds easy right!

Basic to menu planning: Strive for balance, Emphasize variety, add contrast, think color and eye appeal. If we use these 5 basic it starts our creative journey with food.

Strive for balance means not all one type of food. Balance is proteins, fats, fruits, vegetables, milks, breads and grains. So at each meal you want to include all these food groups. When thinking snacks think balance. Balance is also adding discretionary calorie foods to our plan daily if we have a plan. Balance is not boring! Balance is being creative and making it simple. Just use all your food groups.

Emphasize variety. How many of you eat the same turkey sandwich day after day? Why? Easy? Lazy? If you can make a turkey sandwich you can make a beef, chicken, tuna, cheese and etc. When you think variety then you adds contrast, color and eye appeal.

Contrast is adding textures like, sweet and salty, smooth with crunchy, hot with mild.

Color and eye appeal as so important to our visual need for food. What would happen if we couldn’t see our food? What if food looked all the same? Would you want to eat? Would food be as important? What would be the reason you ate? I don’t want to do without color. So if your foods that day aren’t as colorful as you would like think eye appeal with colorful plates, cups, napkins and surroundings.

Menu planning doesn’t have to be for the whole week. It could be just planning our supper meal and working our other foods into our day. You could plan out three days ahead. Menu planning would also work for eating out. By having it written down when you are going to eat out you look forward to what you will have. It will make you start thinking about the textures, color and eye appeal in that meal. You might even choose a restaurant that will give you all those basics.

I hope you can see the fun in using the basic of meal planning. How you can enjoy your food so much more.

So like at the first of the year I said Start Now. Well Start Now menu planning. Experience the pleasure and fun that menu planning can bring.

The topic for this week is GPS!


Following the journey,

Pam Andersen

Weight loss and support coach