Hi Journey members and friends,

Have you Started Now on your journey? If so great! If not what are you Waiting for?

I was having some trouble thinking about what topic I should cover for this week. When a word popped out at me Adventure! So I looked up what adventure meant and it said stepping outside our comfort and familiarity zone. Exploring, learning and being transformed by experiences. Looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary, being open-minded, journeying into the unknown, taking a chance, discovering ourselves, pushing our limits, trying something unique, and being present in our life.

So what types of Adventures have we taken and when does the adventure start. So I thought about my adventures: Marriage is an adventure. I started that adventure in 1972 with the first date, then a second and so on. Then married in 1973 and it’s now 2014 so soon 41 years. Journey and adventure still aren’t over. Adventure in having children, having adult children, and having grandchildren still an adventure. Adventure in jobs, rancher and farmers wife, co-owner with my husband in a photography company, 30 years with a large weight loss company, starting my own weight loss and support company.  There are so many more.

So my question to you is. Is weight loss an adventure? I don’t think we view weight loss as an adventure but more a task, work, and sometime even short-lived. We have tried so many times to lose weight that we go back to what we know that’s comfortable and familiar. What if we stepped out of our comfort zone and tried some new steps. This would mean we would need to be open-minded and be willing to take a chance, push ourselves and discover who we are and what we want.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start now with our adventure and journey. Let’s challenge our comfort zone. Ask yourself why you want to go back to it? If it has worked then it’s a good reason to try again but if it didn’t change it. No plan is set in stone, brake away the pieces that don’t work for you. Keep the ones that do.

Go out an explore for new ideas, foods, activities, positive attitude adjustments. While exploring learn and be transformed by the experiences. Some experience you will want to keep others you will want to leave behind. While exploring look for the extraordinary in the ordinary, sometimes we make it harder then we need too.

Adventures aren’t necessarily big things but small things. Adventures aren’t perfect or flawless. Adventure doesn’t come with a rule book. Adventure is taking a risk, changing our perspective, discovering new ideas, helping us to look forward in our lives. We don’t have an adventure looking back only forward.

We say we want an New Adventure but do we really! The only way to have the New Adventure is to Start Now! Let’s take the challenge into Adventure. Do it for you. Do it Now.

I am excited to see where your adventure takes you. I am excited to take that adventure with you. Adventure and Beyond!

Following the Journey,