January 2014! Start

Hi Journey member and friends,

Welcome to 2014! New Year, clean slate, new start!

I am welcoming 2014 as a clean slate. Last year my goal was to blog each week. As you can see that didn’t always happen. This year I have made some changes in my life and I feel that doing the blog once a week will work. So today I Start! No excuses! No waiting!

If you haven’t noticed on TV it’s the time to sell diets and exercise. Why is there such a push this time of year? What messages are we hearing? So how many of you have started a diet in January? Why? How many of you saw it through until February?

Did we start in January with a clean slate and good intentions or did you start because everyone tells you that’s what you should do?

If you start because it’s the thing to do but not what we see ourselves doing we probably won’t make it too February. A clean slate mean we have wiped away past thoughts of how we dieted and are ready to write a new script. We can have all the good intentions of starting and never put them into action. So what do we need to do?


Set out on your journey with realistic expectations.

Time do it now. Take 30 minutes each day for you.

Act on it! Be accountable. Take action on only one thing. Don’t try to do it all!

Record your journey. It’s not necessarily journaling our foods but that can help. It’s journaling your life through words, pictures. It helps to see where you are going. It helps you to change your direction if we don’t like the direction we are going. We don’t see it we can’t change it.

Tell someone about your journey. By not telling someone what our journey is we don’t have to feel bad if we don’t make it. We set ourselves up to fail before we start. We never fail if we keep trying and starting. It’s when we don’t try or don’t start that we fail. So let’s START! Don’t do it alone.

You own your Start! No one else can start for you. Don’t wait! Don’t use Excuses! You Start, You make changes but you don’t Stop.

Post the word Start where it can help you the most. Think bathroom mirror, exercise equipment, kitchen refrigerator, car, and work. Don’t make starting hard. Don’t over think it.

I am starting how about you? Join me! Don’t wait! Do it NOW!

Let me know what your start is.

Following the Journey,