Why set a goal for the next 4 weeks?

Hi Journey member and friends,

Sorry I didn’t post anything for Thanksgiving. I hope you had a wonderful time.

We are now in the Christmas season. I have said for a long time that Christmas starts Thanksgiving eve and lasts till January 2.

So with a whole month of celebrating why would you want to set a goal? I don’t know about you but I don’t want to start in the red January 1. I don’t want my goal January 1  to be loss the weight I found over Christmas like every other year. Five pounds are hard to lose! Why do I want to lose the same five pounds again? Now I am 10 pounds behind. I call this my funky math. If don’t gain back the five-pounds and don’t have to lose it again then I am 10 pounds ahead.

So what type of goals do we need to set? Goals should be realistic and attainable.

We have three choices: Lose, Maintain, or Gain.

So let’s start with a weight loss. What would you need to do? We can start by planning. Planning means we need to take each day and look at what’s going on. Don’t plan for three weeks from now because that plan will change. Just plan for each day. So what do we plan for that day? First start with what is going on. Do you have an event that you will attend and what time is the event? Or is it a basic day?  Plan to have breakfast, lunch and supper with a planned snack on those basic days. On the event days still have breakfast, lunch/dinner with foods that will keep you full. Think protein, milks, fruits, and vegetables. Eat the foods that probably won’t be at a holiday party. Plan a snack before the party so you are not hungry when you arrive.  Plan some extra calories into your party. Plan your portions.  Don’t deprive yourself but don’t indulge yourself either. Plan to eat only the very best and leave the rest. If your plan has a hiccup don’t beat yourself up just remember tomorrow is another day.  If exercise is in your plan then you should continue to plan your exercise. So to lose we need to continue to do what we have been doing. If this plan isn’t realistic then the next option might work.

That option is to maintain. How do we maintain? Maintain is adding back foods into our planning. Most of us would like to add back those Christmas goodies but when I talk about adding back I am talking about good basic foods. It’s a great time to add back the seasonal fruits and vegetables. Add back more protein and don’t forget the good fats. Those two items will help you to stay satisfied. Add back some additional calories a couple of times a week, Not everyday. Maintaining means knowing what you have added not guessing.

Option three is a Small gain. Notice I said a small gain. So what is a small gain? One or two pounds? You need to state how much and be accountable for that gain. Don’t just say I’ll gain. Don’t let it be a Surprise! Even the gain can be planned. Plan to add more basic foods in in larger portions. Add additional calories like four times in your week.

The goal for Christmas is just 4 weeks. In those 4 weeks you can change that goal to work with what is going on. One week might be to loss, one week might be to maintain, another maintain and maybe in a gain. Remember to empower yourself each day and each week. “Win the Day” each day during the holidays. Give yourself this gift.

Choosing a goal can be a great gift to give yourself this season.


Following the Journey,