Get ready for Thanksgiving!

Dear Journey members and friends,

What do you like about Thanksgiving? Is it the food? Family, football, relaxation? For me Thanksgiving is about family. I enjoy the  food don’t get me wrong but it’s getting everyone together that counts.

The foods for Thanksgiving to me are easy and traditional. There is usually not any surprises. So we need to decide what we really want or would be willing to trade. Then we need to watch portion control. It really is about portion control. I tell members there isn’t anything you can’t have you just need to watch your portion and how frequently you eat it. Don’t go back for seconds.

Here are so tips that I think can help with Thanksgiving.

When it comes to your plate think smaller and leave space between your foods. Only put your favorite foods on your plate and start with smaller portions. Trade that cup of mashed potatoes for a 1/2 cup if you need more go back for 1/4 c. Enjoy your first 1/2 c. and don’t think about the other 1/2 c. If you are thinking about the 1/2 c. you didn’t take then you didn’t enjoy the 1/2 c. you ate.

Don’t go into the Thanksgiving dinner hungry. Eat breakfast, lunch or supper depending on when you have Thanksgiving dinner. Eat foods that you won’t be having like milk, yogurt, protein, and fruit. Have a large salad or vegetable soup made up to serve.

Place a large vegetable platter on the counter early in the morning. Have you ever noticed that no one puts vegetables on their plate for the main dinner. By having a vegetable platter sitting out you and your family can take the edge off hunger.

Offer to bring foods that you can have and this way if you take any home they won’t talk to you. Don’t bring leftovers home that will temp you. If your family wants leftovers have them choose what they want and make them in charge of taking them and eating them. Give them a time limit on when they need to be gone. Have them put their name on the containers. I wouldn’t think of eating someone else’s food.

Delegate clean up duty. Let family know ahead to time what their clean up duties are. Don’t surprise them Thanksgiving day. Have containers and plastic bags where the can see and use them. Have a couple of markers so they can write what’s in them. If people are taking leftovers home put their name on them. Also put a sign on the front door as a reminder to take their leftovers. The best thing to do is announce that clean up is starting and then leave the room. It might not get done the way you want it but it will get done. Give yourself a break. You spent the time cooking so don’t feel guilty. Maybe next year someone else will offer so they don’t have to do the dishes. Before you take a break however, take an inventory of what foods are left and how much. Take a note card and write down the things you will make less of next year. I have found that has really worked well for me.

Most of us eat our dessert a couple of hours after our meal. New tip eat your dessert with your main meal. Yes you heard right. By having  your dessert as part of your meal the body will burn the calories together with your other foods. If you eat it later your body we store it as fat because it already burned the calories it needed. So eat dessert just do it with your meal. That way you will eat until your satisfied not stuffed. If you are worried about having some later think about have a flavored coffee or tea.

Big, Big problem for me. No Sweats. Dress up for the occasion. Wear something that you feel really good in. You will make better choices.

Try the Three bite rule. The first three bites you eat are always the best. Go around your plate a bite at a time. Before you start your second time around, stop and wait to see how you are feeling. Then proceed the second time and wait again. When you get around the third time ask yourself. Am if satisfied and comfortable. Remember that pie needs to come before that full feeling not the stuffed feeling.

The last tip. “Win the Day”. You choose how you want your Thanksgiving day to go. Your in control. Don’t let food win or someone else. We win the day when we choose what’s best for us. Let’s win the small and the big decisions.

Happy Thanksgiving,