Sharing our weight loss story!

Hi Journey A Better Weigh members and friends,

This weeks topic has been on Sharing your weight loss story. I have really enjoyed this meeting and listening to your stories.

So why is it so important to share your weight loss story? It is an opportunity to share with others where you have come from. I know for me I will look at someone and think, boy they look great, it must be easy for them. Sound familiar?  But I have found that most of the time that is not the case. So by listening to their story I learn to appreciate the effort it took for them. We can learn a lot from listening to others.  Sharing our story also encourages and inspires others. But it can also do the same for us. Sharing is a motivational tool to help others get excited about their journey. It is a way to pass on tips that helped us lose the weight or change the behavior. Sharing tells others that we struggle and still are working on our journey.  Sharing our story gives hope that we all can succeed. Sharing let’s them know they are not alone in this weight loss journey.

What I learned this week is that all of us have lost and gained many times. It’s not just me! For some of us we have powerful messages in our head that have played a big role in our journey. Those messages have not always be positive and still may be keeping us from our success. I was encouraged that as a group we have kept trying and are willing to change. We are looking for our victories in many areas of our live not just weight. I am inspired by all the stories I heard this week. So thank you for sharing!

As we look at our story we have to remember that it is not over. We still have lots of chapters to write and we are writing those chapters. By looking at the chapters of the story we have already written  we take responsibility for them. We acknowledge that we have come along ways in our journey. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my journey.  By looking at our journey we find new confidence, motivation, and strength to keep writing our chapters. So be encouraged! You have a great story to tell.

Some of you may not know my story and why Journey A Better Weigh was started. As a kid I was always the chunky one. I was teased a lot about it and in 6th grade while doing a math problem at the front of the room I had a math problem that ended up with 2 ton. So the boys in my class started calling me 2 ton. It hurt and it’s part of my head message I have tried to work through. In high school I worked really hard to lose weight and was 120 lbs. and in my head again the message was you’re not skinny enough. Out of high school I took on some bad eating habits and the weight came back on. Then I started working on the weight again and met my husband. He didn’t think I had a weight problem. Love him. I gained weight while pregnant and did lose but got pregnant again and the weight stayed. So while on vacation at my parents one year my mom said Pam. Yes mom, you need to do three things. First you need to take time for yourself, Ok. Second, you need to lose weight, (Mad, hurt)! Third you need to join a weight loss group. She was right on all accounts and after I got over the mad, how dare she, I took her advice and started the journey. Didn’t really think of it as a journey back then. I was just going to lose the weight and have it done. Problem solved! So to be involved with a group and get the support the meeting that was available was 90 miles away. Yes 90! So every Monday night I drove 180 miles around trip to lose weight. Crazy yes! But it was what I needed. So I learned to take time for myself and lost weight. I had followed my mom’s instructions and they worked. Thank you Mom. Lost the weight, journey over or so I thought.

I was asked how I lost the weight and I would tell them and they would say I won’t drive that far. They asked me to start a meeting. I organized an informational meeting and had people sign that they would like to join. I sent that info to a weight loss company and they told me to come with three other women to be trained. Had a three-day training and went home to start the meeting. Great success.

Then we moved away from that town and figured that I wouldn’t continue to Lead a meeting. But I was wrong. I worked 30 years for that company and then the direction of the company changed and I wasn’t part of the direction.

That’s when Journey A Better Weigh was founded. I took my experience and my passion and I started Journey, 2 years ago. I believe in what I am doing and I am thankful that others believed in me too. Today I have three meetings a week and do one on one coaching. My goal is have more members join us on this journey. I would like to expand to business and add more one on one coaching.  I am excited to write new chapters in my Journey story.

If you would like to start your Journey story come and join us. Your story is important to us.

Thank you for listening to my story.

Following the Journey,

Pam Andersen

Weight loss coach.