Mouth hunger vs. stomach hunger

Hi Journey a better weigh member and friends,

This week we talked about mouth hunger vs. stomach hunger. So what is the difference between the two? Which one do you experience more?

Mouth hunger is hunger but not for food. So if mouth hunger is not about the food what is it about?. The hunger you are experiencing is the psychological-based hunger. It means “something is eating at you”, and it needs attention. It’s a message that we don’t want to miss but we try hard to ignore. What’s that message? What’s it wanting you to know? Would it make a difference if we faced that message? Do we want to hear that message?

The message might be that you are trying to do everything yourself. We may need to dig deeper and ask ourselves “Why”. Do you think you will look weak? or helpless? Maybe they won’t do it like we want it? It won’t be perfect? Have we heard No before we have asked?  How will we know the answer until we ask. It’s Ok to ask for help. Asking for help doesn’t mean we are weak. Acknowledging that we need help can actual be a strength. So instead of eating lets ask ourselves this question?  “What’s eating me”? Remember we eat food, food shouldn’t be eating us.

Other mouth hunger signals might be grieving for loss of loved one, loss of a dream, loss of self-esteem, loss of what could have been. It important to grieve and feel that loss. Just remember that no amount of food will fill that void.

So how could we start handling mouth hunger? Ask these questions. Am I hungry? What am I hungry for? Can I stop when I am satisfied? Am I thirsty? Am I unhappy? Am I bored? How long will the pleasure last?  If you answer these questions with I don’t know then you have mouth hunger.

So what is stomach hunger? It’s the bodies way of telling you us we need to eat. Yes Eat! We need to eat to replenish our energy. It’s how we heal and rebuild our body. Stomach hunger is true hunger. True hunger should be like Oh boy I get to eat! Be happy! True hunger should not be associated with any guilt. Recognizing your hunger by saying “I am hungry and it’s Ok to eat”. Don’t put off eating or wait to long to eat as that thought will have you slipping down an all you can eat buffet.

What type of hunger do you experience more? Mouth hunger of Stomach hunger? By recognizing these two types of hunger we can start to make changes. These changes won’t happen overnight but acknowledging that they happen is important.

So let’s start today! Ask yourself this question several times a day. Is this stomach hunger or mouth hunger?  You might be surprised at your answers.

Following the journey,