Summertime weigh loss

Hi Journey A Better Weigh members and friends,

Summer can be a busy time and weight loss can get lost with kids, vacations, summertime schedules and fun.  But it’s also a great time for weight loss. Why?

The advantage to summertime weight loss.

l. Longer days

2. Fresh food, like fruits and vegetables.

3. Warm weather.

4. Wearing light weight clothing.

In the summer we look for light foods that don’t weigh us down. We think salads, grilled foods, fruits, vegetables.  Keep the heat out of your house and grill your meal from chicken to steak and corn to pineapple try putting everything on the grill. Plus clean-up is so easy so there is more time for fun.

The days are longer so we can put more activities in. We can get up early to exercise or do it later in the evening. We may take in new activities like swimming, volleyball, outdoor games, baseball, softball, water skiing, amusement parks, water balloon and water gun fun. Think like a kid. Have fun!

Soak up some sun  each day to get in the Vitamin D we all need. Just remember if you are outside to put on your sunscreen. Let’s be safe!

Summer is a great time for taking in more water and different beverages. When you drink your water add lemons, limes, cucumbers, fresh mint, oranges, and berries. They make a de-fusser pitcher that works great for this.

Think about eating meals outside when the weather is nice. Think of doing breakfast outside before it gets hot during the day. Have a cold smoothie in the evening on the deck. Try a watermelon slushy, or sugar-free popsicles.  Think outside the box.

There is one idea you may not think of doing but it’ a great motivator. Wear a swimsuit when you are at home. Put in on when you get home after work. It could work great for week-ends when food might be available more. It worked great for me. Someone asked would it work under your clothes. I think it would. It would be a great reminder. Try it out! Be brave!
We have a lot of summer left. Lets start with just 1 step to summer weight loss and have lots of fun doing it. Let’ make it a great summer.

Think about taking the summertime journey with Journey A Better weigh. Come for the support and fun plus weight loss.


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