Keeping your Enthusiasm

Hi Journey Members and Friends,

This week we have covered the topic of enthusiasm.

So what is enthusiasm? It’s that feeling of excitement, positive feeling of wanting to push ahead with something. Enjoyment , energy, passion , keenness.

When you started with Journey how would you rate you level of enthusiasm?

How did that enthusiasm play a role in your weight loss?

Now how would you rate your level of enthusiasm? Is your level of enthusiasm lower than when you started? Why?

We lose that enthusiasm when we take our mind off our goal. We were excited when we saw weight loss but when it slowed down that positive feeling started to wan. We were only looking at weight loss not what we had accomplished. Keeping enthused means we need to look at all areas of our journey. We need to be excited about our habit changes, our positive attitude these areas of our life our just as important as weight loss. So if weight loss isn’t moving we need to push ahead and focus on other goals.

We have all heard Fake it until you make it. Well we need to act enthusiastically to get that enthusiasm. Don’t wait to start act NOW!

So to stay enthused we need to stop thinking we are the only ones on this journey.

Start by counting your successes. Forgive your messes. Set inspiring goals, Set that goal now, share that goal with others, encourage others, share your excitement,  do things that refresh and keep you excited about what is happening.

If you have flipped your enthusiasm switch off let’s switch it back on. Let’s get excited . Let’s use enthusiasm as a resource we can draw strength from.

Are you ready to pull the switch? Do it Now!

I am excited! How about you?

Following the enthusiasm,

Pam Andersen