Easter and Spring

Hi Journey Members and Friends,

Well winter seem to be dragging on and we are all wishing for Spring. Easter is the celebration of Spring and new life.

So let’s start with Easter and what we want it to look like. Do you think about your favorite foods, family, activities? What if we thought about shaking it up this Easter. Let’s talk activities first. What could we do? Where would we go? The first thing I think of is walking. It’s relaxing and uncomplicated really pretty easy. So choose a place that helps you feel relaxed and isn’t complicated. Some ideas might be the zoo, a park, walking trail, historic district, new housing development, visit a small town. Decide today what activities you will enjoy doing for Easter.

What about the food! Does it need to be the traditional foods? The ham, deviled eggs, hashbrown potatoe casserole? What if you shake up the dinner with a picnic meal while on a walk. Make it uncomplicated and easy. Ask your family what they see as a new change for Easter. Think new! think change! Change is good. If it doesn’t work you can always go back to the old way next year, right! I am not against tradition but sometimes I think it is overrated. I want the tradition of family being together but where together? Start a new tradition.

With Spring brings new life. How could we breath new life into our weight loss journey? What do you enjoy about Spring and how could you relate that to your weight loss? I like the sunny days and longer days. Sunny day inspire and energize me. They motivate me to get out and move.  Sunny days help me choice healthly foods. Foods that are light, fresh and simple. So when those sunny days hit think fresh, think light. Think inspired!

Come join Journey A Better Weigh this spring. Let us help you spring into summer.

New update: April 9 and 10 the meetings will be held at my apartment. The address is: 5310 S. 156th Ct. Apt. 325. Please give me a call at 402-895-1493 for directions. This is just for one week.

Wishing you a wonder Easter and a Great Spring!

Following the Journey,

Pamela Andersen