Hi Journey a Better Weigh members and friends,

Two weeks ago are meeting was on support. I know for me that support was an important part of my weight loss process. I learned so much from my meetings and the people sitting next to me. So I am passionate about support. I like giving support and seeing others in our meetings supporting each another.

The experts say that you need a food plan, exercise and plenty of support. We are finding that we can’t do it alone. I know I couldn’t because my ideas weren’t getting the results I wanted. I needed ideas and suggestions from others who were on a weight loss path like mine. It wasn’t necessarly new ideas but a different approach to it. Like an ahah moment of why didn’t I think of that.

I founded Journey A Better Weigh because of my passion for support. Weight loss is a journey and support is part of that journey. I know that the members who are coming to the meetings find it very important to receive and share that support.

If you are looking for a great support group come and get involved with Journey A Better Weigh.  See you soon.

This weeks topic is Cracks in our Foundation. What is your weight loss foundation like today? Does it need repaired?


Following the Journey,