Staying Inspired

Hi Journey Members and Friends,

This week we shared the importance of staying inspired and what we needed to do. All three groups agreed that having a group to share with made a big difference. The goal this week was to use one idea from the meeting that would keep them inspired. The list included: Finding a Theme song that they could play each day to remind them to stay inspired. Having a clothing fund that they could use once they got to goal. One member decided if she gained she would have to take money out of the fund. We are each inspired different ways. Making it fun was another suggestion. Trying new recipes, new activities, different glasses to drink water from, pretty dishes. We also suggested that one meal be a special occasion meal during the week but watch the portion in which we ate it.

Staying inspired takes work. We can’t do it alone. We would love to have you join us and get inspired.

One great  inspiration I would like to share was the Journey A Better Weigh Weeping Water group. The group started just last week and this week with everyone weighing in we lost #50 lbs. They did a great job and they are really inspired to see great success. We had two new members join on Wed. night and I would like to wish them great success this week. The group shared that starting Journey A Better Weigh has helped them be inspired again. The group feels that they can relate to one another and that is important. They want everyone to suceed.

If you would like to start a small group of 10 or more members in your town or area please let me know. I would love to help you suceed at weight loss. Journey A Better Weigh is a great support system.

One challenge this week may be the snow. Remember start a new tradition with your family that doesn’t include food. Go sledding, make a snow man, look through picture albums, take new pictures. If you make your comfort foods just remember that portion control can help. Also don’t make to much, cut the recipe down, freeze some, give to a neighbor or friends. That memory will mean a lot.

Remember find that theme song. Make it fun! Be Inspired!


Following the Journey,

Pam Andersen