Tools and Portion Control

Hi Journey Members and Friends,

Last week we talked about portion control and serving sizes. Serving sizes are what the label recommends and portion is what we decided to pour or put on our plate.  Portion controlling is a choice of what we decide to put on our plate.

One of the ways everyone has of portion controlling is the use of their hands and that means both of them. We sometime just look at our one palm when it is only half of what we need. This simple means of measure is with us all the time. If we feel uncomfortable using this tools I would recommend a food scale. I think the food scale is more important than your weight scale. Why? The food scale keep us accountable for the food we are eating. Being accountable to the food scale first gives us confidence with the weight scale. The food scale needs to be has handy as your plates, bowl, and utensils. It should be in full view. So buy a scale but buy a food scale first.

Next week we will be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Journey A Better Weigh. We would love to have you join us.

The February topics will be : Week 1: 1 year anniversary celebration

Week 2: The Scale?

Week 3: How to stay inspired!

Week 4: Why attend a meeting?

This week we are starting a new 12 week Challenge. We will be challenging ourselves to doing non-food goals but also weight goals for this period of time.

Want a Challenge come to Journey A Better Weigh.


Following the Journey,

Pam Andersen