Change your thinking change your life!

Hi! Welcome to 2013 and Journey A Better Weigh.

We are starting the new year with the idea of chaning our thinking changing our lives.

What do we need to change? Why would we want to change? How can we make that change happen?

When it comes to changing we have good intentions but we want that change to happen overnight. So this year we need to change the idea that it will happen overnight.

So we are going to start in February with a 12 week challenge that is non-food related. Changing the idea of the amount of weight we want to lose to what non-food goal would help us reach that goal.

So come next week to hear about what we will do to get you  started with that 12 week challenge. Challenge yourself to Change. Don’t think about it! Do it!

You can join Journey A Better Weigh for $30 a month. If you bring in a friend you can get $5 off the monthy fee if they join. We offer family discounts and 12 week discounts.

Come visit us the first week free.

Follow the Journey,

Pam Andersen